What Makes a Good Auto Detailer?

3 Tips For Washing And Cleaning Your Car From The Pros

Most people take pride in what their car looks like. If you fit this description, it's likely you might take your car in for some professional automotive detail work from time to time. That said, you don't need a professional appointment every week to keep your car looking good. In fact, you could even implement a few tips and tricks used by the pros into your own car care routine to keep your vehicle looking great year round. Here are 3 tips for efficiently washing and detailing your car.

The Two Bucket Car Wash

In general, it's better to clean your car by hand than by taking it to an automated washer, as this lets you really pay attention to the fine details and make sure that you don't miss a spot. But there is a trick used by many professional car detailers that can make the job much easier for you. When washing your car by hand, always use two buckets instead of one. The first bucket is where you will put the soap you are using to wash the car. But for best results, keep a second bucket of fresh water nearby. Put your washcloth or cleaning mitt into the soapy water, clean the car and then rinse it off in the other bucket. This will prevent most of the dirt from the car from getting into the soap suds.

Microfiber Is the Way to Go

When it comes to the towels you are using to wash or wipe down your car, stick with ones made out of microfiber. Microfiber is more efficient than cotton, leading to easier washing, and has a much lower risk of scratching the car. Head to any auto shop and you will likely find various different microfiber cloths for sale, some designed for specific purposes. When it comes time to wash your microfiber cloths, don't mix them in with other types of towels and use very little detergent.

Dry Your Glass Using Two Different Strokes

One of the most annoying things to encounter at the end of a long detail job is a streak on the glass. If you want to avoid hopping in and out of your car to figure out if it's on the inside or outside, use two different motions when first drying it. Wipe the interior glass in a vertical direction and wipe the exterior glass in a horizontal direction. Then, if you have a pesky streak showing up, you'll know if it's inside or outside based on the direction. This will leave you with crystal clear glass, inside and out.

If you want to keep your car looking good, an appointment at a professional auto detail shop is a good idea from time to time. But you can also keep your car looking great yourself by following some of the best practices the pros use. Contact a local auto detail shop like http://www.deluxedetailandtint.com for more information.