What Makes a Good Auto Detailer?

3 Advantages Of Having An Automatic Car Wash At Your Auto Detailing Business

Being in the car detailing business means you offer a valuable service to those customers who care about the cleanliness of their vehicles. From interior cleaning, shining up all the vinyl, and even waxing the outside, you probably have a lot of levels of service. But have you ever considered installing an automatic car wash at your car detailing shop as well? Even though these automated car-cleaning machines serve a good purpose, most car detailing business owners never consider installing one. Here's a look at some of the advantages of having an automatic car wash at your car detailing business.  

1. Give customers in a hurry an option to get their car clean. 

Not every customer who stops in to see about getting their car cleaned will have enough time to wait for a time slot to be open. Therefore, it is always nice if you can offer a secondary option with an on-site automatic car wash. Customers who are in too big of a hurry can still get the outside of their vehicle cleaned quickly and be on their way. 

2. Add a quick finishing touch to cars that are waiting for pickup. 

Once you get a car all spiffed up and ready for pickup, you can't control what the weather does or when the customer comes back to retrieve their vehicle. Unfortunately, this means that the vehicles you had cleaned and ready can look less than stellar after sitting on the pickup lot for a while. If you have an automatic car wash on site, you can run the car through a quick wash again if something happens and the car is dirty. For example, if a windstorm blows and leaves an ugly layer of dust on a freshly detailed car, you can quickly wash it away without a lot of effort or time on your part. 

3. Make money after hours when your detailing business is closed. 

If possible, it is best to be available at multiple hours of the day when you own a car detailing business, so you can cater to most people. However, this is not a logical business plan for most who are just starting out. While you may not be able to stay open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can offer an automatic car wash that will be available at any time of the day or not when you can't be.